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    The free technology platform that improve
    your experience in bars and restaurant
    Bar-Linked allows you to call the waiter,
    ask for the bill, read the menu,
    see the Bar´s WIFI password, and
    review the resto-bar.
    Your place, connected
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    for Bars
    and Restaurants
    Improves your customer service
    Increases your sales
    Receive customer feedback

Download Bar-Linked now Free

Available for Android and IOS (Apple)

Bar-Linked Benefits

We think that time is precious, so we created Bar-Linked, the technology platform that benefits both customer and participating bars or restaurants in a manner that is easy and free of charge



  • A single app for any participating bar or restaurant
  • Reduces and / or eliminates waiting times for each customer order



  • Happier customers due to better service and less waiting times!
  • Increased table turnover, which results in more sales
  • Receive reviews and private customer feedback to improve and / or maintain a high level of customer service!

Why Bar-Linked?

With Bar-Linked you will be connected in hundreds of restaurants and bars from your Smartphone or Tablet, saving time for you and the restaurant or bar Easy to use and Free of charge

Call the Waiter

You can´t see the waiter? Call him/her to your table with Bar-Linked!

View Menu

You reached the store and want to save time? Start viewing the menu options with Bar-Linked

Request Bill

Save time by requesting the bill from Bar-Linked, it will get to your table faster

See the Bar WiFi Config

You need to connect to Wifi quickly View the bar WiFi password on the app within seconds


Do you want to be heard Just use Bar-Linked to submit your feedback. It will be delivered to the owner of the establishment within seconds.


Any Questions?
Don’t hesitate to contact us